Interval Training on Treadmills – Take Your Cardio Routine to the Next Level

People are always looking for new ways to stay motivated about sports and make their cardio exercises more fun and enjoyable. In most cases they add new elements, such as the weight lifting circuit, the bells circuit or the weight circuit, forgetting to rest sufficiently between each new exercise. It can be very fun to do a number of circuits, because they will increase your metabolism and help your body burn fat quickly. Unfortunately, this routine rarely helps you to tighten or increase your muscle tissue, especially if you don’t separate the cardio session from the weight-based training session.

What type of people will get the most out of using a treadmill for interval training?

The fact is that whatever your goal, high intensity interval training on a treadmill will help you to build muscle mass without excessive protrusions like you do with heavy work. I usually like to do low volumes, like 2-4 reps per set, strength training for most of the year. You really can make a definition and tight muscle density without increasing the amount or increasing fatigue if you do this type of training while creating a calorie deficit in your diet. You can increase the intensity of the program and burn more body fat and calories if you add a very aggressive interval training program to your treadmill.

This result is why I feel interval training is your best bet.

Next time you go to the fitness center, you will see many people using a treadmill for walking or jogging as part of their routine exercise routine. Although this type of cardio exercise on a treadmill is beneficial to your health and burns calories, this cardio exercise will not increase your metabolism and can require long hours of work for very little results. High intensity interval training helps your body to burn fat, maintain muscle, and release the hormones needed to be physically fit.

Stable cardio

When you do this type of aerobic activity at the same or similar speed throughout your workout, it is called a steady state cardio. Solid cardio training and high intensity interval training will help you lose weight and burn excess fat, but together they are absolute magic!

It is important to note that your cardio must be done on a different exercise machine from a treadmill. For example, I like to do cardio steady state work on ellipses.

Interval Training + Stable Status

You should always do interval training at the beginning of your routine and on an empty stomach. This type of exercise will release non-food energy-based fat cells into your bloodstream. You should then rest for 5 minutes before starting a steady exercise routine to burn all the fat cells released into your bloodstream through intensive interval training.

Fit People See Better Cardio Results

For a long time I will do my high intensity interval training with sprints done at 60 seconds or less. This routine helps me to be lean, but I want to take it to the next level and get a better shape. But then I discovered and read a USA Today article that talks about the importance of increasing your Vo2 max, an indicator of your actual body fitness level. I have now arranged my treadmill exercises differently since finding the article and therefore I feel and look much better.

Exercise Routine

This exercise should be done 4 days every week after your weight training session.

Monday – Perform 4 minutes of running alternating with 3 minutes of walking for approximately 30 minutes, doing a total routine of 4-5 times.

Tuesday – Perform 2 minutes of running alternating with 2 minutes of walking for approximately 30 minutes, doing a total of 7-8 times.

Wednesday – There is no training.

Thursday – Perform 1 minute of running alternating with 1 minute of walking for approximately 15 minutes, which must be followed by steady state cardio work for another 15 minutes.

Friday – Perform 30 seconds of running alternating with 30 seconds of running for approximately 10 minutes, which must be followed by a steady 20 minutes of cardio work.

Saturday – No training.

Sunday – Do not exercise.

The absolute best cardio workout you can do for your health and body is high intensity interval training on a treadmill.

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