Brain Nutrition – The Importance of Nourishing Your Greedy Brain

We’ve all heard the expression “you are what you eat.” When it comes to the brain, our most important organ, the idea that we become what we put into our bodies through nutrition has an even greater meaning. The importance of brain nutrition becomes very clear when we consider several key factors. The brain consumes most of the nutrients consumed by the body disproportionately. The function of brain cells is greatly influenced by these nutrients that are available in the brain. The functioning of our brain cells determines how we function. So our mood, attention, memory, etc., are all functions of brain nutrition.

Greedy Brain – Why 40 Percent of All Your Nutrition Is Actually Brain Nutrition

Our intelligent body knows how important the brain is and allocates its resources accordingly, allowing the brain to consume most of the nutrients we consume. The brain only weighs 1 to 2 percent of your total body weight, but 20 percent of the air you breathe, 25 percent of your blood flow, 30 percent of the water you consume, and 40 percent of the nutrients in your bloodstream are sent to be consumed by the brain. This means that 40 percent of your nutritional intake can be directly regarded as brain nutrition.

Effects of Strong Nutrition on Brain Function

The nutrients available to the brain have a large impact on the function of healthy brain cells or neurons. Nutrition directly affects nerve function, is metabolized without precursors, or indirectly, by affecting the production of other substances in the brain that determine brain cell function.

Billions of brain cells or neurons communicate through neurotransmitters – including serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine – which send signals through complex brain pathways. Brain function is largely determined by the action of these chemical messengers. Mental dexterity loss in old age, for example, may be caused by the failure of brain cells to communicate effectively rather than from cell death. Proper brain nutrition affects the production and action of neurotransmitters. For example, studies have shown higher levels of dopamine neurotransmitters in lab rats fed blueberries, which are rich in antioxidants. Dopamine, in turn, is important for cognition, motivation, mood, attention, and learning.

Examples of other nutrients that affect brain function include tyrosine, an amino acid found in proteins that also supports the action of important neurotransmitters; magnesium mineral, which can reduce hyperactivity and irritability; and omega-3 fatty acids, which can improve mood, attention, and alertness.

Brain Nutrition Is Very Important For Your Well-being and Your Life

Thus, nutrition has a big impact on how we feel, think, and function. Our emotions, our memories, our ability to concentrate and complete tasks, and therefore our lives are greatly influenced by what we put into our bodies, be it food, nutritional supplements, or drugs.

Makes you think twice about eating that big mac or drinking the coke, right? Makes you want to check nutritional information of everything you buy at a grocery store, right? It makes you want to know exactly which foods and supplements are beneficial for brain function and which are harmful. You might think to yourself: how boring! Well, the negative impact of ignorance on your brain is a bigger obstacle. Knowledge is power. Now, go and use brain nutrition to empower your mind and life!

Almonds – Crazy Little Nut

I’m a nut for almonds! They gratify my salty and crunchy cravings. Sly very little devils – which include almonds in your own eating habits frequently promotes the exclusion of significantly less nutritious snacks, thereby improving your overall diet plan. The mighty almond promotes fat reduction, decrease cholesterol, cancer prevention, and doable Alzheimer’s prevention at the same time. You will discover many wellness benefiting nutrients in almonds, but 3 of your most significant are:

vitamin E

vital fatty acids

dietary fiber

What tends to make vitamin E so well-being helpful is that it’s a effective antioxidant. Vitamin E blocks the formation of carcinogenic compounds. Furthermore, researchers at Tufts College located that you can find over 20 antioxidant flavonoids located inside skins of almonds do the job in tandem with vitamin E to lessen the danger of cardiovascular sickness. The truth is, a one-ounce support of almonds contains essentially the same level of antioxidants like a serving of broccoli.

Not all body fat is lousy excess fat, that is undoubtedly what we have been taught expanding up. Allow that sink in. Not all excess fat is bad fat. Vital fatty acids, according the exploration from Medline Plus, function in preventing inflammation, blood clotting, and right mental improvement, just to brand several issues. A person purpose essential fatty acids are, nicely, vital, is always that the body will not develop them plus they must be obtained solely from your weight loss plan. One particular-quarter cup of almonds has 18 grams of excess fat, 11 of which might be monosaturated fats that contribute to heart-health.

Dietary fiber is beneficial in your well-being exactly why you think that it really is. According For the Mayo Clinic, dietary fiber promotes standard bowel movements and decreases constipation. Though creating you far more at ease, this also advantages your wellbeing throughout the board: from reduce cholesterol to advertising a healthy and balanced appetite, dietary fiber will help make almonds a superfood.

Just a few far more entertaining information about almonds. They consist of a whopping 13% protein. An additional health benefiting nutrient in almonds is calcium. In reality, 20-25 almonds consist of as significantly calcium as one/4 cup of milk. For those attempting to cut out gluten, almond flour is good for cooking and baking.

I adore to consume a handful of almonds as a snack, or throw a number of from the blender when creating a smoothie. Almonds could be the star of your recipe or even a amazing addition to any recipe. Just ensure to add a few almonds to not miss out for the great rewards!

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