Chronic Migraine Headaches – Prevention Ways to Avoid Them

Chronic migraine headaches are not pleasant at all. If you suffer from migraines, there is bad news and good news.

The bad news is that there is no cure for migraine. Apart from what you might see on TV or hear on some radio infomercials, migraines cannot be cured.

The good news is that in some cases you can prevent them (preventive care) or at least modify their severity (failed treatments).

Foods that can trigger migraines

The first form of preventive care is to cut foods that can trigger headaches such as those containing tyramine, nitrite or monosodium glutamate.

In fact, a quarter of headache sufferers say that certain foods trigger their headaches. This is because many foods contain substances that can trigger the release of neurotransmitters involved in causing headaches.

Food with tyramine

Headaches can be triggered by foods containing tyramine, which are members of the amine group of organic chemical compounds. Thus, it can affect the release of the neurotransmitter serotonin – which, in turn, can trigger headaches. Common foods that contain tyramine include:


Old cheese

Vinegar (happy, salad dressing, dressing, dressing)

Meat organ (kidney liver)

Alcohol (especially red wine)

Sour cream

Soy sauce


Yeast Extract

Foods with nitrites

Headaches can also be triggered by foods containing nitrates as preservatives. It is estimated that in the United States there are 12,000,000,000 pounds of nitrite which is currently used to give meat a pink color and enhance its taste. Foods that contain nitrites include:

Smoked fish

Corned beef




Canned Ham

That old devil, monosodium glutamate

Monosodium glutamate (commonly called MSG) can also cause headaches. This is a flavor enhancer that is often sold under the trade name Accent. An estimated 20,000 tons of monosodium glutamate are used every year to add flavor to food.

Preventive medicine

NSAID. NSAIDS are most often used in preventive medicine for those suffering from chronic migraines. Typical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin and others) or aspirin can help relieve minor migraines. There are also medicines in this family that are marketed specifically for migraine headaches. This is usually a combination of acetaminophen, aspirin and caffeine. One example of an over-the-counter combination drug is Excedrin Migraine.

Prescription drugs

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a number of prescription drugs to be used in preventing migraines. These include cardiovascular drugs, antidepressants and alpha blockers.
The most popular cardiovascular drugs used to prevent migraine headaches are Inderal, Depakote and Sansert. Some migraine sufferers also find that they can prevent headaches by blocking calcium channels such as Verapamil, Wellbutrin and Nimotop.

Tricyclic antidepressants

Tricyclic antidepressants (TCA) do have anti-migraine effects, but are not usually considered the first choice in preventing migraines. However, they may be able to help some migraine sufferers, especially those who suffer from migraines and tension type headaches. The most commonly used antidepressants in the treatment of migraines are Elavil, Sinequan, Vivactil. Norpramin and similar SSRIs (Serotonin Update Inhibitors) such as Prozak, Xoloft and Paxil.

Clonidine is an alpha blocker whose efficiency in migraine prevention is not as good as beta blockers. The second alpha blocker that has been used successfully in the treatment of childhood migraines is Cyproheptadine.

The best way to Cope With Migraine?

If you are a migraine sufferer, you recognize that this recurring headache is over only a ache disorder. Migraine impacts your living, out of your thoughts about oneself to interacting with diverse people today and engaging in different things to do. This condition is in fact incredibly hard to deal with; therefore it truly is critical that you just know the other ways of coping with it.

This guide aims to educate migraine sufferers in regards to the different ways of coping with migraine. But just before we go on, let us initial use a glimpse of what migraine really is. Essentially, it’s a recurring pounding pain caused because of the dilation of blood vessels. Individuals who expertise migraine generally describe the ache as comparable with a nail currently being hammered on 1’s mind around and more than again. The ache is so sharp which the sufferers lose their capability to operate. There are even moments when migraine sufferers are hospitalized simply because with the severity of signs or symptoms. Additionally, migraine is frequently preceded or accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Other signals may also come about depending within the style of migraine that you’ve got.

Going on, listed below are some techniques in coping with migraine:

Acquiring Your Medicines inside of Attain

Migraine attacks can happen anytime and anyplace. From time to time, it transpires in your own home; however it may happen outdoors. For this, it’s essential that you choose to deliver your medicines with you in any respect occasions. You’ll find two varieties of medicines for migraines. Some are taken as quickly as being a sufferer will get a headache, even though some are used to cease the ache prior to it could really take place.

Watching Your Life-Style

Using great treatment of on your own will help you lessen the occurrence and severity of migraine attacks. Below are some techniques on how to boost your life-style:

• Steer clear of different stressors that may perhaps trigger migraine attacks.

This could possibly be actual and emotional factors for instance traveling, neck and shoulder tension, excitement, shock, and anxiety. You could steer clear of these stressors by simply getting time for you to chill out and possessing enough time to relaxation and sleep. Do not be too harsh on by yourself. You deserve to possess some good quality time apart from various stressors that might be harmful on your health.

• Employ a medication strategy.

It’s vital to generally adhere to the guidance of the medical professional. Acquire your medications on time, and avoid taking non-prescribed drug treatments.

• File the sample and triggers of one’s migraine.

It really is certainly crucial to history your headache patterns and triggers, in your case for being capable of appropriately handle them inside the long term.

• Have adequate intake of h2o.

Dehydration can trigger a migraine attack; so needless to say, it pays to drink sufficient h2o.

• Observe standard routines in distinct actions.

This really is mostly advisable in consuming and sleeping. At occasions, changes in consuming and sleeping patterns can trigger migraine attacks; so it’s a ought to to eat and rest all-around the exact same occasions everyday regardless of your respective changing pastime schedules.

Observing Other Methods Which Will Make You Are Feeling Greater

This kind of ways are as follows:

• Applying icepack for the affected location

• Massaging parts from the head that practical experience extreme ache

• Resting within a dark and peaceful place

• Using a nap if bearable

• Executing gentle activities like strolling (for some sufferers only)

Existing with migraine is without a doubt quite difficult. The suggestions discussed over will assist you to make this problem manageable and can allow you to go on with the daily everyday life.

Migraines Affecting Your Living

Tonight, all of a sudden, I experienced a migraine headache… the variety where the lighting are even very bright. I was functioning and felt it coming on. Then within just minutes, it had been COMPLETE force, like a hammer banging consistently on my forehead. I received no strategy why I was acquiring 1 or when it would disappear.

I keep in mind my sister-in-law telling me when she was pregnant last calendar year, she would get headaches and just enable them be. She never took any medicine for them. So when I was pregnant, at the exact same time as she, I decided I was going to try that similar technique. Though I would get migraines just before pregnancy, I, for some stupid cause, imagined this new technique would perform.

The primary 1 I got, I kept telling myself, Carry out, HOOLLLDDD OOUUUTTT. Properly, it didn’t very last prolonged earlier than I knew THAT just wasn’t planning to come about! I took anything for it… and For every.Sole.ONE soon after that throughout my pregnancy. I obtained so many that I would acquire some thing on the slightest inkling of one particular. They might nevertheless come COMPLETE pressure, but the medicine would hold them in check.

Soon after I gave birth, I bought them usually when I wasn’t consuming on a regular basis. I deduced that I must consume each and every 2-three or more hrs or the migraines will attack in total drive. I’m not positive if this is my physique telling me one thing or what?!

I have not obtained 1 inside a though until finally tonight. I don’t know if it came on since I didn’t consume ample when I ate previous or mainly because I am exhausted (little one boy hasn’t been sleeping via the night for the past 3 weeks and I’ve got no concept why). Medicine did not do the job. The lights were straining my eyes. Any noise was WAAAY very loud. And my head was killing me. Someone offered me foods. I took it. It didn’t assist. I drank drinking water; it failed to aid. I ate a little additional. Then very little by little, it began to subside… just a little.

The issue I’ve got with headaches, is usually that I really don’t ever before want to do something when We’ve one. That would not actually operate when you’re a single mom. You may have no option but to choose proper care of one’s sweet little one that desires and depends upon you. So regardless of just how much my mind hurts, I’ve someone that relies on me. There may be no break, no time out, or no allow me just lie decrease for a couple of mins. You have to complete what you have to complete and perform through the head pain.

Even as I’m writing this, I still possess a headache. I’m hoping it’s going to go way as quickly as my head hits the pillow. The problem is… each and every time I’ve previously gone to bed having a headache, pondering sleep will “cure” it, I at all times wake up with 1. There is NOTHING AT ALL that commences off a day worse than a headache. I’m hoping that won’t be the situation this time.

What brings about your headaches? How generally do you receive them? What aids relieve them?

Various Approaches of Migraine Remedy

Migraine just isn’t just about headaches and occurrences of nausea and vomiting. It really is an really weakening problem that brings about a great deal of sufferers to drop their capacity to operate typically. Migraine plays a severe role inside the sufferers’ lives, for it has an effect on a lot of facets of their everyday living. Aiming to boost the sufferer’s good quality of everyday life, experts observed different ways of treating migraines. On the other hand, migraine is very challenging to cope with. Aside from disabling the sufferers, not all therapies can get the job done for each migraine affected person. At periods, the right method can be definitely hard to seek out. It can consequently be mentioned that coping with migraine calls for a whole lot of patience, discipline, and determination.

Major Stages of Migraine Treatment method

You will discover 3 key phases in treating migraines. They can be as follows:

Preventive Treatment Method

It’s also generally known as prophylactic cure. Its primary goal is to quit attacks from happening. Supplying preventive medication will depend on how typically you may have a headache and the way it impacts your lifestyle. For all those who are getting severe headaches, different medications are supplied. Scientific tests have proven that migraine preventives discontinue the occurrence of attacks.

Furthermore, it’s suggested that a huge improvement inside the sufferer’s existence is obtained when this remedy is used for 3 to 18 weeks. The frequency and severity of headaches are lessened. When this takes place, the medical doctor starts off to come to a decision for the upcoming phase of treatment method.

Right here would be the generally prescribed drug treatments during the preventive treatment method: anti-inflammatory drug, antidepressant, anticonvulsant, antihistamine, and beta-blocker.

Acute Therapy

It is also known as abortive treatment method. It aims to discontinue an attack the second it happens. The approaches within this cure differ from using analgesics to using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug treatments. Acute remedy is believed to give good results superior if offered on the beginning of a migraine attack. Also, substantial solitary doses are reported to generally be much more effective than a series of small doses.

Individuals undergoing this treatment are advised to complete their portion in observing right migraine management. They should also keep away from overuse of medicines, specially if attacks take place often.

Rescue Medication

This approach is performed when acute treatment does not operate. The generally prescribed medicines all through this phase of treatment are anti-inflammatory medicines and anti-nausea medicines. Frequent usage of rescue medication indicates that your abortive treatment method should be changed.

Side Effects

Working with drugs can bring about some side effects. Hence, it truly is crucial to hear carefully as your medical professional discusses the probable part effects within your medication. Also, your medical professional demands to know in the event you experience something that is likely to be a side impact from the medicines which you’re taking. Information of probable part results will decide but if your medication should be transformed.

Way Of Living Changes

Aside from your prescribed medications, it’s also essential to look at your lifestyle. You can find periods when migraine attacks are triggered by your every day pursuits, and so it can be crucial to prevent attainable lifestyle routines which will set off migraines. It truly is advisable to acquire observe of your things to do that might be contributing on your attacks.

Migraines are actually very difficult to handle. And just like what was mentioned over, it will take a good deal of persistence, self-discipline, and willpower to cope with and conquer this debilitating condition. Your physician will certainly assist you, but with the conclusion with the time of day, anything will lie on your own hands.

What you Ought to Know About Alcohol-Induced Headaches

Headache and alcohol – you recognize and surely fully grasp the connection between the two if you happen to be a heavy alcohol drinker or if you have at the very least knowledgeable alcohol drinking a handful of situations within your everyday living. Ever before heard of hangovers? Of course you did listen to about it. It’s a extreme headache on account of alcohol intake. It truly is a common considered that excessive drinkers will be the only ones who practical experience hangovers. Sadly, this is not real. Even lgt drinkers can encounter alcohol-induced headaches. You can find even situations as soon as the discomfort occurs immediately after a solitary drink.

The Basics of Alcohol-induced Headaches

Ethanol, the form of alcohol in beverages, brings about the blood vessels to dilate. This dilation results towards the redness of deal with and headaches. In addition, an additional ingredient of some alcoholic beverages may result in headaches.

Meanwhile, ethanol leads to extra urination, therefore resulting to dehydration. To your data, dehydration is another factor that triggers a hangover.

Normally speaking, a hangover benefits from your dilation of blood vessels, lowered blood glucose, and dehydration triggered by alcoholic beverages.

How you can Stop Hangovers

Under are some productive means on how you can stop alcohol-induced headaches:

• Usually do not drink alcohol in any respect.

What suggestion may be greater than this? Minimizing your alcohol intake may perhaps also be successful; but as stated previously, hangover isn’t exclusive for heavy drinkers. For this, cutting down alcohol intake may not be plenty of for some people.

• Consume fatty or greasy food prior to or even though you drink.

It is believed that fatty or greasy meals coat the lining of the stomach and slow the body’s absorption of alcohol.

• Drink a good deal of drinking water. Dehydration is one of your primary triggers of hangover. For this, it really is advisable to drink a glass of h2o ahead of and following drinking alcoholic beverages. You ought to also drink water along with alcoholic beverages. Drinking a whole lot of h2o will retain you hydrated; therefore preventing alcohol-induced headaches.

How you can Deal with a Hangover

Okay, enable’s say the deterioration is completed. The unbearable pounding pain is presently there. Beneath are some of your points you need to do to treat a hangover:

• Require in excess of-the-counter anti-inflammatory drug treatments.

Alcohol is believed to trigger an inflammatory response; therefore it is suggested that taking anti-inflammatory medicines can cure hangovers. Just make certain to be mindful in any medicine which you consider.

• Consume eggs.

Eggs are wealthy in cysteine, a substance that breaks decrease poisons that result in a hangover. For this, consuming eggs is believed to be an effective remedy for hangovers.

• Drink plenty of mineral water.

Sure, drinking h2o can both equally avert and cure hangovers. Hydration is the crucial. If you get dehydrated, you receive a hangover. Once you re-hydrate your self, the byproducts inside stomach brought by alcohol are diluted.

Now that we’ve discussed the simple things about headache and alcohol, it’s time for yourself to study much more regarding the further effects of alcohol in your well being. It could possibly in fact cause really serious well being ailments; thus it truly is vital to constantly be careful in drinking alcoholic beverages. Drink in moderation or if feasible, usually do not drink alcohol in any way.

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