Down Syndrome Treatment – What You Need to Know to Prevent Hearing Loss in Your Down Syndrome Child

When discussing the causes, cures, and treatments for Down syndrome, listening is a very important element to consider to ensure the health of your Down syndrome child.

Think about all the ways you gather information about the world around you. You see something, hear something, smell something, touch and feel it. What about developing language? Well, to develop language, you must be exposed to it. You have to hear other people speak, and learn how to decode what they say, before you start learning to make your own speech.

Why is hearing loss a problem for those with Down syndrome?

Hearing loss is often a problem for people with Down syndrome. Why is that? People with Down syndrome often experience hearing loss caused by smaller ear canals, which allows fluid and wax to accumulate in them. If they cannot hear well, it will be more difficult to learn how to get language and speak.

There are two types of hearing loss. One of them is called nerve-sensory, and that means damage to the acoustic nerve or cochlear of your ear. People with Down syndrome, most often have what is called conductive loss. This happens because the Eustachian tube, part of the ear canal, is smaller in people with Down syndrome. Liquid and wax can’t flow too, and ears can’t hear either. If too much material builds up in your ears, you get something called ear glue.

“Glue Ear” Can Be a Big Problem in Children with Down Syndrome

Ear glue is a thick buildup of mucus in the middle ear. Trying to hear something with glue ear is almost impossible. Imagine sticking your fingers in your ear and trying to listen to a conversation. Can you understand what is happening? Probably not.

Now imagine the age of one or two and try to find out what strange noise the adult is making in front of you. With ear glue, it will sound like a bunch of random syllables and no actual words.

You might see adults with blank expressions. This is important because children with Down syndrome have experienced delayed language and speech development, and hearing problems complicate this problem. You cannot learn about your world and develop well if you cannot hear or speak.

The Ear Tube Can Eliminate Many Hearing Problems in Children with Down Syndrome

So what do worried parents have to do? Fortunately, most of these hearing problems can be solved by something called an ear tube.

Ear tubes are small tubes that are placed in the ear to encourage drainage of fluids. This is a short-term action, often used for around six months to a year. At some point, the ear canal often falls on its own. However, long-term ear tubes are also available. The operation to put in an ear tube is very simple, and generally quite safe. Anesthesia is used to put the child under, and a small hole is made in the eardrum. Extra liquid is sucked out and the tube is inserted. The nice thing about this operation is that the hearing will return immediately after the tube is installed. Usually the procedure is 15 minutes.

Get Your Child’s Hearing Tested Regularly

It is important to get treatment for your child with Down syndrome if you suspect hearing loss. All children with Down syndrome must have regular hearing tests during the first few years of their lives, because hearing problems are very common in children with Down syndrome.

In some cases, ear glue can spontaneously turn around on its own; but in other cases, it will require treatment. Hearing loss can affect a child’s development a little, so that’s something you want to be careful of. However, with treatment, it shouldn’t be a problem for too long. And fortunately, your doctor has several treatment options available to prevent hearing loss in children with Down syndrome.

Chronic Migraine Headaches – Prevention Ways to Avoid Them

Chronic migraine headaches are not pleasant at all. If you suffer from migraines, there is bad news and good news.

The bad news is that there is no cure for migraine. Apart from what you might see on TV or hear on some radio infomercials, migraines cannot be cured.

The good news is that in some cases you can prevent them (preventive care) or at least modify their severity (failed treatments).

Foods that can trigger migraines

The first form of preventive care is to cut foods that can trigger headaches such as those containing tyramine, nitrite or monosodium glutamate.

In fact, a quarter of headache sufferers say that certain foods trigger their headaches. This is because many foods contain substances that can trigger the release of neurotransmitters involved in causing headaches.

Food with tyramine

Headaches can be triggered by foods containing tyramine, which are members of the amine group of organic chemical compounds. Thus, it can affect the release of the neurotransmitter serotonin – which, in turn, can trigger headaches. Common foods that contain tyramine include:


Old cheese

Vinegar (happy, salad dressing, dressing, dressing)

Meat organ (kidney liver)

Alcohol (especially red wine)

Sour cream

Soy sauce


Yeast Extract

Foods with nitrites

Headaches can also be triggered by foods containing nitrates as preservatives. It is estimated that in the United States there are 12,000,000,000 pounds of nitrite which is currently used to give meat a pink color and enhance its taste. Foods that contain nitrites include:

Smoked fish

Corned beef




Canned Ham

That old devil, monosodium glutamate

Monosodium glutamate (commonly called MSG) can also cause headaches. This is a flavor enhancer that is often sold under the trade name Accent. An estimated 20,000 tons of monosodium glutamate are used every year to add flavor to food.

Preventive medicine

NSAID. NSAIDS are most often used in preventive medicine for those suffering from chronic migraines. Typical nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin and others) or aspirin can help relieve minor migraines. There are also medicines in this family that are marketed specifically for migraine headaches. This is usually a combination of acetaminophen, aspirin and caffeine. One example of an over-the-counter combination drug is Excedrin Migraine.

Prescription drugs

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a number of prescription drugs to be used in preventing migraines. These include cardiovascular drugs, antidepressants and alpha blockers.
The most popular cardiovascular drugs used to prevent migraine headaches are Inderal, Depakote and Sansert. Some migraine sufferers also find that they can prevent headaches by blocking calcium channels such as Verapamil, Wellbutrin and Nimotop.

Tricyclic antidepressants

Tricyclic antidepressants (TCA) do have anti-migraine effects, but are not usually considered the first choice in preventing migraines. However, they may be able to help some migraine sufferers, especially those who suffer from migraines and tension type headaches. The most commonly used antidepressants in the treatment of migraines are Elavil, Sinequan, Vivactil. Norpramin and similar SSRIs (Serotonin Update Inhibitors) such as Prozak, Xoloft and Paxil.

Clonidine is an alpha blocker whose efficiency in migraine prevention is not as good as beta blockers. The second alpha blocker that has been used successfully in the treatment of childhood migraines is Cyproheptadine.

Brain Nutrition – The Importance of Nourishing Your Greedy Brain

We’ve all heard the expression “you are what you eat.” When it comes to the brain, our most important organ, the idea that we become what we put into our bodies through nutrition has an even greater meaning. The importance of brain nutrition becomes very clear when we consider several key factors. The brain consumes most of the nutrients consumed by the body disproportionately. The function of brain cells is greatly influenced by these nutrients that are available in the brain. The functioning of our brain cells determines how we function. So our mood, attention, memory, etc., are all functions of brain nutrition.

Greedy Brain – Why 40 Percent of All Your Nutrition Is Actually Brain Nutrition

Our intelligent body knows how important the brain is and allocates its resources accordingly, allowing the brain to consume most of the nutrients we consume. The brain only weighs 1 to 2 percent of your total body weight, but 20 percent of the air you breathe, 25 percent of your blood flow, 30 percent of the water you consume, and 40 percent of the nutrients in your bloodstream are sent to be consumed by the brain. This means that 40 percent of your nutritional intake can be directly regarded as brain nutrition.

Effects of Strong Nutrition on Brain Function

The nutrients available to the brain have a large impact on the function of healthy brain cells or neurons. Nutrition directly affects nerve function, is metabolized without precursors, or indirectly, by affecting the production of other substances in the brain that determine brain cell function.

Billions of brain cells or neurons communicate through neurotransmitters – including serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine – which send signals through complex brain pathways. Brain function is largely determined by the action of these chemical messengers. Mental dexterity loss in old age, for example, may be caused by the failure of brain cells to communicate effectively rather than from cell death. Proper brain nutrition affects the production and action of neurotransmitters. For example, studies have shown higher levels of dopamine neurotransmitters in lab rats fed blueberries, which are rich in antioxidants. Dopamine, in turn, is important for cognition, motivation, mood, attention, and learning.

Examples of other nutrients that affect brain function include tyrosine, an amino acid found in proteins that also supports the action of important neurotransmitters; magnesium mineral, which can reduce hyperactivity and irritability; and omega-3 fatty acids, which can improve mood, attention, and alertness.

Brain Nutrition Is Very Important For Your Well-being and Your Life

Thus, nutrition has a big impact on how we feel, think, and function. Our emotions, our memories, our ability to concentrate and complete tasks, and therefore our lives are greatly influenced by what we put into our bodies, be it food, nutritional supplements, or drugs.

Makes you think twice about eating that big mac or drinking the coke, right? Makes you want to check nutritional information of everything you buy at a grocery store, right? It makes you want to know exactly which foods and supplements are beneficial for brain function and which are harmful. You might think to yourself: how boring! Well, the negative impact of ignorance on your brain is a bigger obstacle. Knowledge is power. Now, go and use brain nutrition to empower your mind and life!

Hair Loss Treatment For Women – Complete Solution

Hair loss has become one of the main problems of every woman in the world. This is one of the biggest problems where treatment is also a headache and must be treated with caution. There are many treatments for hair loss and one must go for them as soon as they find the symptoms. Hair must be treated properly like a baby. Like babies who need good and intensive care, your hair also needs care and conditioning from time to time.

Hair is very valuable to almost everyone. The beauty of one’s key actually defines a person’s beauty and appearance. Especially for women, hair can be more valuable to them than other body parts. Every woman wants to look beautiful and wants their hair to shine and shine and thick. To have a good key, you must take good care of it. From oiling to washing hair and conditioning it, they must be cared for like a newborn baby, with high attention and affection too.

Alopecia is a medical term for hair loss. Alopecia tends to be accidental and unpopular. There are three main types of thinning and hair loss namely, androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata, and traumatic alopecia. There are many causes of hair loss in women. For each woman, the causes of thinning and hair loss are different. Some of the causes of hair loss in women are malnutrition i. E. Lack of essential minerals and vitamins in food. Scalp infections can also cause hair loss.

The main cause of hair loss is the use of chemicals and acids. Nowadays women do curling or straightening and use many types of chemicals and acids that negatively affect hair. Although there are chemicals in the shampoos and conditioners we use, we must use as little chemicals as possible for our hair. Curling and straightening for a while look good on a woman’s face, will damage the rest of your hair mostly.

There are many good treatments for hair and they are recommended by doctors too. Minoxidil is a solution that is applied topically to stimulate hair growth and Anthralin is another treatment for hair loss. This is recommended by doctors and can be applied as a treatment for hair.

Treatment for hair loss can be started from your own business. Oiling as much oil as you would, it will nourish your hair and will stimulate them. The scalp soaks up oil and helps hair grow stronger from the scalp. Head massage or spa is also a good treatment for hair because it relaxes your mind and scalp.

There are many home remedies that can be done to avoid hair loss. Don’t wait for your hair to fall out before you fix the problem. Oiling hair like air to the body. Oiling the hair properly will fertilize it and help the scalp absorb some protein and minerals. The selection of shampoo and conditioner must also be wise and good. Do not use shampoo for more than six months because hair becomes accustomed to products and chemicals, which is not good for it.

The best advice for hair loss treatment for women is that she should first visit a hair specialist or doctor and check her health there. Hair is a very beautiful part of the human body and is very meaningful to a woman. Just like his pride, hair care is also very important and important to him. Stress is the main cause of problems and is also the main reason for thinning and hair loss. Try to avoid as much stress as you can to avoid thinning and hair loss.

The best way to Cope With Migraine?

If you are a migraine sufferer, you recognize that this recurring headache is over only a ache disorder. Migraine impacts your living, out of your thoughts about oneself to interacting with diverse people today and engaging in different things to do. This condition is in fact incredibly hard to deal with; therefore it truly is critical that you just know the other ways of coping with it.

This guide aims to educate migraine sufferers in regards to the different ways of coping with migraine. But just before we go on, let us initial use a glimpse of what migraine really is. Essentially, it’s a recurring pounding pain caused because of the dilation of blood vessels. Individuals who expertise migraine generally describe the ache as comparable with a nail currently being hammered on 1’s mind around and more than again. The ache is so sharp which the sufferers lose their capability to operate. There are even moments when migraine sufferers are hospitalized simply because with the severity of signs or symptoms. Additionally, migraine is frequently preceded or accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Other signals may also come about depending within the style of migraine that you’ve got.

Going on, listed below are some techniques in coping with migraine:

Acquiring Your Medicines inside of Attain

Migraine attacks can happen anytime and anyplace. From time to time, it transpires in your own home; however it may happen outdoors. For this, it’s essential that you choose to deliver your medicines with you in any respect occasions. You’ll find two varieties of medicines for migraines. Some are taken as quickly as being a sufferer will get a headache, even though some are used to cease the ache prior to it could really take place.

Watching Your Life-Style

Using great treatment of on your own will help you lessen the occurrence and severity of migraine attacks. Below are some techniques on how to boost your life-style:

• Steer clear of different stressors that may perhaps trigger migraine attacks.

This could possibly be actual and emotional factors for instance traveling, neck and shoulder tension, excitement, shock, and anxiety. You could steer clear of these stressors by simply getting time for you to chill out and possessing enough time to relaxation and sleep. Do not be too harsh on by yourself. You deserve to possess some good quality time apart from various stressors that might be harmful on your health.

• Employ a medication strategy.

It’s vital to generally adhere to the guidance of the medical professional. Acquire your medications on time, and avoid taking non-prescribed drug treatments.

• File the sample and triggers of one’s migraine.

It really is certainly crucial to history your headache patterns and triggers, in your case for being capable of appropriately handle them inside the long term.

• Have adequate intake of h2o.

Dehydration can trigger a migraine attack; so needless to say, it pays to drink sufficient h2o.

• Observe standard routines in distinct actions.

This really is mostly advisable in consuming and sleeping. At occasions, changes in consuming and sleeping patterns can trigger migraine attacks; so it’s a ought to to eat and rest all-around the exact same occasions everyday regardless of your respective changing pastime schedules.

Observing Other Methods Which Will Make You Are Feeling Greater

This kind of ways are as follows:

• Applying icepack for the affected location

• Massaging parts from the head that practical experience extreme ache

• Resting within a dark and peaceful place

• Using a nap if bearable

• Executing gentle activities like strolling (for some sufferers only)

Existing with migraine is without a doubt quite difficult. The suggestions discussed over will assist you to make this problem manageable and can allow you to go on with the daily everyday life.

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